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Mesopotamia Nature

Inexpensive water and nature protection

Plants with Eecological Water Saving Technology allows year-round planting of any plant, in any location, in any climate, for example in mountains, in desserts or dry land where water is rare with 90 to 95% survival rates and on average 30% faster growth.

Ecological water saving technology in comparison to nowadays irrigation systems

  • Saving more than 95% water for planting the trees.
    • During planting trees you only need 1 time 10 liters of water per month in comparison to the nowadays 12 times 25 liters of water per month.
  • After a year or two, you can reuse your Water Box up to 10 times.
    • The roots of the tree dig deep into the ground until the groundwater is reached. After the groundwater is reached you don’t need to water the tree anymore (that depends on the type of tree).

You can find an example in the table below if you use 250 water boxes in Dehuk.

1 water tank a month 15,000 Dinar

1 day of an employ per month 20,000 Dinar

35,000 Dinar

Without Water Box 250 trees

30 water tank a month 450,000 Dinar

24 days of an employ per month 480,000 Dinar

930,000 Dinar

Profit per month with the use Water Box:  895,000 Dinar

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