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Survival rates


Water saving


Cost effective

90% survival rates :

Ecological Water Saving Technology allows year-round planting of any plant, in any location, in any climate, with 90 to 95% survival rates and on average 30% faster growth

• Over 90 to 95% survival rate, anywhere; any climate;
• For any tree, any vegetable, any plant; average up to 30% faster growth;
• Plants any soil; also on rocks; even above the tree line;
• Year round planting; no matter how hot; or how cold;
• Year round planting means year round equal labour flow necessity;
• Optimum use of nursery because there is no peak period planting;

Water saving  90% for trees, and up to 75% for vegetables

Ecological Water Saving Technology uses significantly less water than drip irrigation, saving up to 99% for trees, and up to 75% for vegetables, thereby using valuable ground water resources more sustainably

• Over 90% less water use with trees;
• Over 75% less water use with vegetables;
• If used before rainy season: self-filling with water; zero water use;
• No pumps, no electricity use; no scarce groundwater use;

90% Cost effective

Ecological Water Saving Technology is a cost efficient way (saving on expensive drip irrigation systems, water and fertilizer) to turn wasteland into harvestable land

• Inexpensive; affordable;
• No expensive energy plants to invest in; no electricity grid infrastructure needed;
• No water transport pipes and drip irrigation tubes infrastructure needed;
• In general new solutions are more expensive than the traditional method. The, Ecological Water Saving Technology offers the rare combination of lower costs and more sustainable.
• Value rise of at present worthless land, creates the collateral to finance projects;

Water save support plants and trees to survive in difficult circumstances without using groundwater or electricity.

Way use water box
• Save 90% water
• Save time
• Save Money
• Stable and fast growth
• Favorable microclimate
• Optimal protection
• 10 years reuse